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Covid19 - Words and Support

Our Church under Lockdown
With St James Abinger and Christ Church locked up – under a ruling by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York with not even Tony permitted to go into them until the middle of May - we have adapted our worship to the requirements of the Lockdown.

Since Easter Sunday, Tony has been leading a morning service on Zoom, involving folk from across Abinger and Coldharbour in contributing readings and intercessions, and on Easter Sunday we had the Roberts girls playing ‘Jesus Christ is risen today’ in the sun outside Christ Church (its still on our YouTube page).

The schedule for future Zoom services is on our Services page, where there is also information on acessing Zoom. If you haven’t yet joined in, email Tony at for a Zoom invitation.

On the Sundays without a Zoom service Tony streams a live Morning Service at 10.30am on YouTube.  These can be found by searching for St James and Christ Church on YouTube, They are also posted on our YouTube page after being recorded. The schedule for future Morning Services is on our Services page,

In addition, every Sunday Tony uses YouTube to lead us in prayer and to provide us with some challenging thoughts about life as Christians. The full set of postings is on our YouTube page.

To help us through these challenging times, more prayers and thoughts are provided on our website every Monday and Thursday by the Leith Hill Ministry team - Tony, David Grundy (Associate Minister based in Holmbury), Virginia Smith, lay readers Hilary Swift and Martha Golden and Mad Berry

While we are grateful that Tony is now able to go into his Churches, and live stream Morning Service as well to record his YouTube messages, the poor connectivity of both means that the Zoom services will have to continue to come from his study.  We expect it will be some time before we are able to attend prayers and services in Christ Church, and so Zoom and YouTube will continue to be central to the work of the Church  - in both parishes.

Desperate though the pandemic, and thus the need for the Lockdown are, we are fortunate that the internet has enabled Tony and others to continue to bring to us prayers, readings and thoughts, helping us through these difficult and challenging times.  As we move out of Lockdown, we may well find that some of the actions we have taken over recent weeks will guide our worship in the months and years to come; that our websites, YouTube and Zoom will continue to play a key part in the life of our parishes.

Unable to do her regular swims, Issie Roberts is running a pandemic marathon to raise money for Compassion UK. More information on Issie's challenge, Compassion and how you can support both is on our Welcome page

From Tony Berry
We live in changeable times. Things that seemed normal now are not, things we assumed - we cannot rely on, things we did routinely have been cancelled.
As we look to the future, our main concern is for people who are vulnerable, in need of support, or suffering. There are local initiatives that have been started which will attempt to meet those needs. If you can support those then please do. If you are in need of support, then do please ask for help. If you don’t know who to ask, then please do get in touch with the Parish Office and we can point you in the right direction.
We will try to keep people updated through the church websites and are putting Bible verses, thoughts and prayers on there which we hope might bring hope, encouragement and support during this difficult time.
Do get in touch - 01306 737746 -  if you are anxious, have some questions, or need support. 
I wish you God’s peace and hold you in my prayers.
Help and Support
As we will not be having any services in Christ Church during the Coronavirus pandemic, we will do our best to support the community by providing words and prayers for everyone to consider  and share.  These are on the From the Leith Hill Ministry Team page.

We are also providing information on who to contact if you need help of any form of help. This is on our Support page.