Christ Church


Church Service

Lord, help us to be people full of hope. Give us strength to keep going.  Amen

In addition to our regular services, we and Abinger have a monthly Julian Meeting.  Learn more about these contemplative services by clicking here

April 2024
Sunday 7 April, Second Sunday in Easter
                 9.00 am Parish Communion (BCP)

Sunday 14 April, Third Sunday of Easter
                 10.00am Second Sunday - Iona with Communion

Dear friends,
This week at Christ Church we have our lovely informal Iona Service at 10am. Do join me, and Debby on piano, as we share Communion in the ‘round’ and look at Jesus’ first resurrection words 'Peace be with you’. Refreshments will be served after the service. 
And at St. James at 6pm we have our reflective Choral Evensong service. Do join me and the Leith Hill Choirs as we rest in the beauty of the music and imagine ourselves as a 1st Century Jew pondering the happenings of the resurrection and what it means to be followers of Jesus.
We look forward to welcoming you!
With love,
Rev’d Kia

Sunday 21 April, Fourth Sunday of Easter
                 9.00am Parish Communion (BCP)
                 6.00pm Evensong

Sunday 28 April, Fifth Sunday of Easter
                10.00am Parish Communion, Common Worship
                6.00pm Julian Meeting

May 2024
Sunday 5 May, Sixth Sunday of Easter
                 9.00am Parish Communion (BCP)

Sunday 12 May, Seventh of Easter
                10.00am Iona with Communion

Sunday 19 May, Pentecost, Whit Sunday
                 9.00am Parish Communion (BCP)
                 6.00pm Evensong,

Sunday 26 May, Trinity Sunday
                10.00am Parish Communion, Common Worship
                6.00pm Julian Meeting,