Christ Church Coldharbour

The John Venus Hall

The John Venus Hall is the Church's meeting room

Situated on the eastern side of the Churchyard in Broome Hall Road, the John Venus Hall was built in 1985 to replace a wood framed and corrugated iron clad Victorian building which had originally served as the village reading room on a different site and later moved to become the Parish Hall, where the John Venus Hall stands today. 

Named to commemorate  our Vicar and Rector of Abinger from 1983 until his retirement in 1993, the John Venus Hall was designed by local resident John Malyan, founding partner of  international architects and designers. Broadway Malyan.

J V HallThe Hall is used for village events including a monthly village coffee morning and the Coldharbour talent and quiz night,s as well as for Church and Capel Parish Council meetings.  It is also home to weekly Aikido classes, and houses the village polling station for local and general elections.

It accommodates at least 50 in theatre style seating and has a kitchen and disabled toilet facilities.

The John Venus Hall can be rented for any one of three periods in the day, or for a full day.  The periods are
-   morning (9.00a – 1.00pm)
-   afternoon (2.00pm – 6.00pm)
-   evening (7.00pm – 11.00pm)
The standard charge for a period is £20 for week days and £40 for weekends, with a full day (three period) charge of £50 for week days and £100 for weekends.

If not required for an event in the Hall, the tables and chairs are available for take-away hire.  There is a £50 deposit and a daily charge of £1.00 for each table and 50p for each chair. In addition, we have some garden gazebo:s which can be rented for £5 a day. All tables, chairs and gazebos must be returned within 24 hours, unless hired for more than one day. The hirer is responsible for collection, return and insurance.

For further information on hiring, please contact here.