Christ Church


We welcome any gift, monetary or in kind, which helps us look after the Church and its community

Church 2000 BrochureIt costs £40,000 a year to meet the costs incurred in maintaining Christ Church.  Some of these relate to our  share  of  the costs of having a Vicar as well as other costs incurred by the Diocese.  Others relate to the costs of looking after the Church and the John Venus Hall, keeping their fabric in good order and paying for insurance, heating and lighting.

£40,000 is a lot to raise each year in a village of only 350, but thanks to the generosity of many villagers as well as of some who live further afield and the fund raising events which many give their time and energy to organise, or to participate in, we usually manage to balance our books.

But, costs are steadily increasing, both for the Diocese and here in Coldharbour, and to be sure we can meet our obligations into the future we need to be assured of a steady income.

We are therefore very grateful to all those who help us by making donations to our funds, whether they are one-off, occasional or regular contributions.

One Off or Occasional Gifts
You can donate by:
If you put your donation in the collection plate or in the wall safe, please use one of our Gift Aid envelopes so we can claim an additional 25%  from HMRC. 
If you donate by bank transfer, please either complete our Gift Aid form (download here) or let our Treasurer know so he can send you a Gift Aid form.

Regular Giving
You can donate by:
Legacies and Gifts in Memory of a Loved One
 You can remember  Christ Church in your will; you can also make a gift in memory of a loved one.  Click here for further information.

 As Gift Aid can increase the value of your donation, please be sure to complete a gift aid form, which we can let you have