Christ Church

Church Cleaning

If you are unable to clean the Church when you are due to, please either swap with someone else on the rota or contact  Sue Neve.
Each date is the start of a two week period

22 June                  Hilary and Bernard J
6 July                     John and Helen R
20 July                   Lizzie M and James F
3 August                Gaye and Peter T
17 August              Hermina H and Sandy H
31 August             Jenny and Martin R
4 September        Helen S and Sue J
28 September     Mary H and Sue N
12 October           Janet and Graham M
26 October           Sarah D and Lizzie P
9 November        Patsy and Anthony S
23 November      Hilary and Bernard J
7 December        John and Helen R
21 December      Lizzie M and James F

4 January             Gaye and Peter T
18 January          Hermina H and Sandy H

Brasses: Anthony S and anyone who would like to help him out.